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Do you charge by the hour? 


No, we charge flat rates for a more detailed high quality  of cleaning. We charge according to the size of the home. Depending on the amount of the clutter, size of the family living in the home and amount of cleaning need to be done for that specific home. Our professional cleaners are great and have decades of experience and great attitude. 


What products do you use?

Toronto Best Maids do not use commercial or janitorial products. We do use products that could be purchase in your local store which are made for everyday usages. We also use products that our clients prefer.  We also offer green products but if the home has lots of buildup. We suggest using regular cleaning supplies, which are more effective than green products when it comes to effectively clean buildup. We use also our own products that are non toxic. Our products are coming soon and will be available to everyone who wants a non toxic effective product. 


Do you vacuum closets? 

No, we do not open closets doors unless the client request for the closets to be cleaned.


Do you rearrange furniture? 

No, we do not rearrange furniture. 

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